Relax, heal and rejuvenate using natural Indian traditional methods.

Push the reset button for your whole body. But first you have to know your body type. An experienced physician will determine your body type and diagnosis simply by feeling your pulse with three fingers and deciding how much your pulse is jumping like a frog, slithering like a snake or gliding like a swan. Then you can decide on natural herbs, diet, massage with oils, application of poultices, mantras and other weird and wonderful practices that really work.

You can choose a full massage for a few hours or a comprehensive detox taking many days. The physician can also answer your questions regarding which foods are ideal for your body type, and which foods to avoid. Sleep, work patterns, and lifestyle can also be optimized to achieve your maximum physical potential.

Price: $90 AUD per person (this can be tailored to your particular needs – pricing dependent on treatment chosen)

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