You will work with master craftsman Suresh and learn how to make a wax model and cast it into brass.

Start your journey by making a flat design such as a photo frame or hand mirror in wax. Once you are comfortable working with wax you can progress to three dimensional shapes such as sculptures. For those who enjoy making practical objects, one can make anything from door knobs to arrow heads. These can then be cast into bronze, brass, copper, zinc, or even aluminium. Brass is the most common casting metal as it is durable and handsome. Some finishing is required afterwards to remove mold lines and reveal details using files, sandpaper and chisels. For glossy effects the metal can also be polished. Your journey will be guided by Nagamangala Venkatachar Suresh and his wife Nirmala. This family can be proud of some prominent statues and monuments seen around Mysore and Bangalore today.


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