An ancient art of cutting out shapes from slivers of recycled exotic timbers and assembling them into amazing designs utilizing the natural grain, colour and textures.

Our artisan Ashok will guide you through the process starting with planning and putting the design on paper.  You’ll use various cutting tools and chisels to cut out shapes and grooves in the base wood.  He’ll then teach you how to inlay the different pieces of wood to create your design.  

When your piece is complete, you’ll learn how to use resin to fill in any small gaps and lacquer to bring out all the natural colours and qualities of the wood.  You’ll start with something small like a coaster and then as your skills improve you’ll go on to larger and more complex pieces.  All materials are supplied and of course you get to take home your work.  A wonderful reminder of your time spent with Ashok in our workshop.

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