Carving in stone is not as hard as one might think! Your patience and perseverance will see you create something that could be here for centuries.

Leading you on this journey into the craft and traditions of stone carving is Arun Yogiraja.  Arun is inherently talented producing breathtaking lifelike sculpture, with an infectious passion and desire for excellence. His family have been carving idols, statues and adornments for five generations of Mysore Kings, and many of their works can be seen in the Mysore Palace today.

Arun believes that anyone can learn working in stone as long as there is intense interest. He also believes that the stone material itself and the tools will teach the aspirant who is aware, and that his role as instructor is mainly to inspire confidence.

You will learn how to use the traditional tools and methods their family has mastered over lifetimes, so you can master stone carving in yours.

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