,All over India you will see women carrying these colourful bags woven from recycled plastic.  Embrace the opportunity to learn how to make them yourself.

Underprivileged citizens living in slum areas have developed this colourful craft. They would be delighted to meet you and share their knowledge.

Originally reeds and bamboo were used. That changed when scrap metal yards had an abundance of brightly coloured plastic insulation from electrical wires after they had stripped out the copper. In the beginning they used to burn this plastic in the open air at their yards. But then the locals figured out many ways to recycle plastic insulation – including weaving bags. This is great for the environment in many ways, not least being a practical alternative to using disposable plastic bags.

Back home you can weave tote bags for all your friends and say goodbye to disposable plastic shopping bags forever!

Price: $18 AUD per person.

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