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cultural tour in mysore

Prepare your shopping list and let our guides help you find everything on your wish list!

Weave a Tote Bag

recycled plastic wire tote bags

,All over India you will see women carrying these colourful bags woven from recycled plastic.  Embrace the opportunity to learn how to make them yourself.

Flower Garland Making

flower garland

Be hypnotised by the colours and scents as you learn this simple, yet beautiful craft.


Skillstourism-mehndi classes

Traditional temporary body art, beautifully drawn directly on your skin using natural herbs such as henna and tumeric.


rangoli classes in mysore

Learn this beautiful art form in which patterns are created on the ground using dry flour, lots of colours and petals.  

Traditional Instruments

tabala indian traditional instruments classes

Choose from tabla, mridangam, sitar or veena depending if you want to learn strings or drums.


bharatanatyam indian classical dance form

Immerse yourself in the rhythm, movement and story telling of this Indian Classical Dance.

Bollywood Dancing

bollywood dancing - skillstourism activity

Learn those crazy dance moves and have a work out at the same time – forget Zumba, Bollywood is where it’s at!