Disappearing or Reemerging Arts?

Not too long ago a craftsman would make a pair of scissors that would last generations.  When the blades became dull, one would return to the craftsman to have them sharpened.  In the rare case the hinge broke, the craftsman would repair that hinge as well. Mass manufacturing began the demise of traditional crafts like […]

Ten Essential Skills of Craftsmen

hanuman stone carving

There are certain skills that every craftsperson will learn in time. Some are lucky enough to learn them from a mentor, others learn from life experiences.  Regardless of how these skills are learned, they will help an artisan in the workshop and in life. Here is a list of ten essential skills. Create Well: Do […]

Africa’s Upcycling

africa upcycling

Recycling and upcycling in modern western culture is a matter of fashion: look at all those organic fair trade eco hipster shops mushrooming throughout your neighborhood, or multiple internet DIY resources that teach you how to create something from nothing, how to utilize plastic bottles, food containers and metal scraps to decorate your makeshift balcony […]