Textile Block Printing

textile block printing in mysore

A wonderful technique for printing on fabric that has been part of Indian culture for centuries. Choose from hundreds of carved wooden blocks and let your creativity run wild!


wooden coasters

An ancient art of cutting out shapes from slivers of recycled exotic timbers and assembling them into amazing designs utilizing the natural grain, colour and textures.

Silver Jewellery Making

silver jewellery

Make your own ring, bangle, pendant or earrings. Learn basic filigree, casting or embossing techniques in sterling silver. Gold plating your pieces is also an option!

Stone Carving

Stone carving in mysore

Carving in stone is not as hard as one might think! Your patience and perseverance will see you create something that could be here for centuries.

Garment Making

garmentmaking classes in mysore

Ever wished you could make your own clothing? Here’s your chance to bring those dreams to life!

Cast Metal Sculpture

SkillsTourism - cast metal sculpture

You will work with master craftsman Suresh and learn how to make a wax model and cast it into brass.