Meet Our Team

Varis Lux


Varis has spent years in the aviation engineering industry always asking the question “How do we fix this?” Nowadays he dabbles more in “inner engineering” by trying to understand India and Hinduism. His practical mind is applied to organize all aspects of the workshops and activities we offer. Varis gets on well with the local artisans and craftspeople, which requires patience and a sense of humour, both of which he has plenty. A great conversationalist who enjoys sharing his knowledge.

Catherine Cullen


Catherine has a background in travel and worked as a travel consultant and manager of an agency in Australia for many years. Her love of India was nurtured by Varis who first brought her to India in 2013. Catherine loves looking after our customers and ensuring they have an amazing experience with us and sharing the joy of the every day little things that make India so special. Putting together the itineraries for our trips is her next favourite thing, and she has a passion for street photography and a knack for capturing a smile from the people she meets



Ravitej brings many skills and talents to the team. He has a Bachelor in Visual Arts, so is responsible for our graphic design work and keeping our website up to date. More importantly he is in the front line when our customers are with us in Mysuru. Ravitej does everything from acting as translator with some of our artisans that don’t have much English to finding out where you can get this or that as per our customers needs and a whole lot in between. He is a performing artist and happily shares with us the very interesting world of theatre in Mysuru. Ravitej also has a good eye for photography and design and is always happy to help anyone who needs a little artistic inspiration during our workshops.

bhavana skillstourism


Bhavana is from Coorg, a lovely area at the foothills of the Western Ghats only a few hours from Mysuru but now resides in Bengaluru. She spent four years living in Kenya and has travelled widely. With over 10 years experience in the tourism industry, her expertise and knowledge of India, along with her understanding of our customers needs makes her invaluable. Our go to person who is a fountain of knowledge on the customs and culture, she also makes a good dancing partner who likes an occasional margarita!