The wellbeing of our travellers, partners and the people we meet along the way is the most important thing for us. While we all wait for international travel to resume, we continue to work closely with our associates in India to implement changes to keep us all safe on future trips with India Unravelled.

~Catherine and Varis~


Experience the mystique of India, a land of contrast and colour.
Everywhere you turn there is something wondrous waiting to be discovered.

We believe that India is one of the most incredible countries in the world. She takes you deep into her heart and holds you in a spell. It is one of those travel experiences that changes you. Open your mind, open your heart, and join us on an incredible journey. Let’s unravel the mysteries of India together.


7 – 22 January 2021

23 January – 7 February 2021

1 – 17 February 2021

18 March – 2 April 2021

5 – 20 April 2021

20 August 2021

October 2021

November 2021

November 2021

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Please be sure you have travel insurance for your trip

Stay safe wherever you are in the world